“I think it would be fun to run a newspaper.”

The title, words from Citizen Kane, are particularly apt. Walter Parks Thatcher, the bank-appointed guardian of Charles Foster Kane, utters them with contempt over hearing young Charlie’s idea to put effort and money into rescuing the floundering New York Inquirer. Thatcher probably knows the folly of such a venture.

In mid-2012, I thought it might be fun to run a New Zealand Fringe show.

The idea hatched during time in Los Angeles amongst creative types – artists of burlesque, of sideshow, and of magic. What drives these people? Why, given all the other possibilities that this world has to offer, would they choose to follow their muse in this way? Compelling conversations ensued.

These conversations delved into what led these people into an artistic form they adored. Why they pressed on, despite the obstacles and odds against them. Ultimately, it led me to ask questions about myself, and why I was so fascinated by magic and its intricacies.

This led to me writing The Secrets of Magicians. It’s about magicians, but really, one magician in particular, the guy who wrote it. TSoM doesn’t claim to speak for all involved with magic, but hopefully resonates on some level with them.

If you’re not a magician, don’t worry –  there’s enough to keep you interested, maybe enough to help you understand those of us driven by a creative force where truth is deliberately subverted for the purposes of astonishment.