Fringe, by the numbers

many sleepless nights 80 playing cards torn in half 30 seats per performance 28 participants on stage 8 months from idea to finished show 8 signed playing cards 7 secrets of magicians revealed 6 major script rewrites (countless minor script rewrites) 4 nights of performances 4 light bulbs destroyed 4 jokes about Wilhelmine Hofzinser’s teeth […]

Credit where credit is due

In the course of writing TSoM, I realised: this thing’s about magicians, so there should probably be some magic in it. Yes, I am that smart. The key to me was not just throwing in random tricks at random points. TSoM isn’t a musical, where people break out into song at the most illogical or […]


Whilst other aspects of the show have been s-l-o-w-l-y creeping along, work has progressed on the promotional side of things. The media pack has been sent into the New Zealand Fringe powers-that-be, special flyers created for the Fringe Programme Launch, and the artwork for the posters has been created. That’s right, Wellington, you have this […]

Writing is rewriting

…and rewriting, and rewriting, and rewriting. When I first had the idea for TSoM, the story arc was fairly well defined in my mind. The protagonist followed a certain path, touching key points along the way. Since I was well familiar with the protagonist – I see him every morning in the mirror –  the […]

“I think it would be fun to run a newspaper.”

The title, words from Citizen Kane, are particularly apt. Walter Parks Thatcher, the bank-appointed guardian of Charles Foster Kane, utters them with contempt over hearing young Charlie’s idea to put effort and money into rescuing the floundering New York Inquirer. Thatcher probably knows the folly of such a venture. In mid-2012, I thought it might be […]